Our mission: The health of your skin

Since our beginnings in 2003, the mission of the Alyria line has been to maintain and improve skin health.

Over the past 20 years, our numerous collaborations with physicians and dermatologists have allowed us to develop high-level medical expertise in skincare and become a reference brand among North American dermatologists and esthetic physicians.

Today, we are applying this expertise to your skin.

Our vision for simplified medical-grade skincare

We believe that keeping skin looking healthy and beautiful requires a          high-performance, effective, and simple skincare routine.

Our approach is based on the use of active ingredients whose performance is clinically proven in concentrations high enough to create a high-performance skincare system.

With that in mind, we carefully create formulas and select ingredients that are supported by science.


& Customization

Your skin’s needs change over time and with the seasons. 

Alyria proposes modifying your routine  simply by adapting the choice of serum  to your skin’s needs or even combining the different serums to optimize results  and meet the needs of all skin types.

Respect for the skin and the environment

We apply healthy and responsible formulation principles.

Rigorous selection of our ingredients. 
Exclusion of parabens and specific ingredients considered potentially harmful for the skin. 

Lower concentrations of preservatives. 

Ingredients and products not tested on animals.